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Linux - what’s the status?


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I'm "Highly Motivated™" to make a binding for ANT for a higher level language, and I really, REALLY do not want to have to (re)create the message framing. After traversing the forums here, there appears to be some issues building the "Linux Beta" that was released 5 years ago, and some questions have gone unanswered. I too am struggling to build it under a recent Linux environment (Ubuntu 20.04).

What's the current level of interest/support in Linux?

The old versions of libudev and libusb that are bundled don't build anymore (they have dependencies requiring versions that are no longer in circulation), the libantbase.a appears to build okay with system packages, but libusb object files aren't included in that, so there are immediate problems with undefined references, etc. If I want to use ANT directly, I need the ant.cpp compiled as a shared library, and there's no information I can find how ANT intended for us to create such a beast in Linux. My simplistic attempts to do so are currently thwarted by said undefined references, and the makefile doesn't appear to provide any obvious clues.

Honestly, it feels a litlte discouraging when there are intentionally separated Linux and Mac OSX downloads, while the Linux download contains so much OSX specific stuff. Strange.

Can I ask someone that's successfully using ANT with Linux to provide some guidance? -Is- anyone using it? What's the timeline to move out of Beta? Can we get some dependency library and documentation love?

Information appreciated. ANT as a protocol looks really amazing, and I'm eager to get this integrated.

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Hello. I don't know how I did it, but I installed ANT on my Linux using this instruction that a friend gave me:

- All actions are performed through the build.xml file. First, create a folder for the future project (and after that, go to it):
$ mkdir test-ant && cd $_

All actions are carried out through the assembly file, so we create it:
$ vim build.xm

We write the following into it:
<?xml version="1.0"?>

<target name="info">
<echo>Hello World - Welcome to Apache Ant!</echo>


To build a project, run:
$ ant

We get:
[[email protected] test-ant]# ant
Buildfile: /home/captain/test-ant/build.xml

[echo] Hello World - Welcome to Apache Ant!

Total time: 0 seconds
[[email protected] test-ant]

That's all. The Ant installation on Unix / Linux is now complete.      

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While I appreciate the response, Apache Ant is an altogether different project than what these forums are dedicated to. (ANT low power wireless communication.)      

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Hmm this sounds as a challenge. I installed apache ant on my ubuntu and I found it quite interesting. I will be honest, the first time I have tried to download it, was a total failure. Somewhere I messed up and some tools from it were not working. Then I searched on google, and as an option was to install openjdk8. And after I was able to install apache ant using apt-get. Sometimes I am thinking in switching to macos, linux for programming is not the best choice. Do you know if cheap cpanel license can be used to run a server? I did a server in metin and i’m not sure where from should i run it.