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Strange behavior when submitting page to SimuAnt


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BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop - the best mop for your vinyl floor

There is one mop that stands out in the list of top mops for Vinyl floors this year and it’s the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop. Let's see what this mop has to offer for the job, shall we?

The specialties of this mop

The BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop is considered a heavy-duty mop for cleaning vinyl floors, especially when dealing with big sticky messes. This mop is all about convenience. The first thing that proves the point is the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Mop has a dual rotating pad that runs on the battery to scrub the debris without the user putting effort in.

The second convenient point of this mop is it has a spray system that works on-demand to control the water applied to the floor. This function eliminates the traditional bucket and a wringing mechanism to create a simpler cleaning tool.

The third specialty of the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Mop is that this mop is pretty lightweight and easier to maneuver than it looks. You can run it under furniture or around them without any trouble.

What we like most about this mop is while the powerful mop pads scrub out the stains, the machine operating is pretty quiet. Now you know why the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Mop is called the best mop for Vinyl floors, right?

The ratings

The overall rating of the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop is 9.3 based on nearly 2000 reviews. Let’s take a look at the ratings of different categories:

8.8 for money worthy.

8.8 for customer support.

8.9 for battery life.

8.9 for build quality.

8.9 for maneuverability.

8.9 for design.

8.9 for overall performance.

9.0 for noise level.

9.0 for easy usage.

With these high ratings, we’re sure that the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop is a favorite of the community.

What the customers say about this mop

“Cleaning was not a pleasant chore in the house, especially for a man. But things got different when I bought the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Mop. This machine is convenient while very easy to use. Now I’m able to help my wife clean the house without using much effort. It’s actually pretty fun to run this mop around the house. My wife is always happy when she sees how efficiently I clean the floor (with the help of this mop of course), which means our life is always full of laughter instead of silly fights over house chores.” - Jay J.

“As a mother of three children, I don’t have much time to take care of the house after taking care of my kids. But the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Mop has saved my life! This mop takes no effort to clean the floor, no matter how many messes my kids make throughout the day (and I have to say they make A LOT of sticky messes). I’d like to recommend this mop for busy moms out there like me so they can save a little time to take care of themselves after the duty is fulfilled.” - Hanah K.

“I have to say the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Mop is the best vinyl floor mop. I’ve ever used over the years. I have only had this mop for a few months but the experience was so pleasant. I’m impressed with how efficient and fast this mop is when it comes to cleaning stubborn stains. My back has stopped aching since I used this mop because I no longer have to bend and use force to scrub the debris. Five stars for the quality” - Emily G.

How about you? What do you think about the BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop after reading this post? If you still have any doubt, purchase one and try it out to see if these reviews are solid.      

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Can you give a bit more detail about how you are using SimulANT+:
Which profile and which side of the connection is being simulated?
The code above is from a PC application you are creating?
"When I clicked the button" refers to a button in your app that calls the above code?
The device in "no effect on the device" is SimulANT+ simulated?
How are you determining "no effect on the device"? If it is SimulANT+ I recommend looking at the "ANT Messages" tab to check for raw received messages.

Are you checking if you are getting a transfer completed or transfer failed event from the radio for your acknowledged data? The transfer completed event indicates that ANT was able to confirm that the acknowledged message made it to the recipient. The transfer failed event indicates that either the message itself, or the confirmation, was not successful (poor rf conditions).


Ian Haigh