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Request to transfer ANT* rust crates


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Hello Garmin/Dynastream Devs,

I'm the ANT/ANT+ lib maintainer for Arduino. I recently have taken an interest in Rust and have developed a ANT rust crate (cannot be shared yet but will be under Apache 2 License) and this one is targeting to support all ANT use cases (+, FS, etc) minus blaze.

I went searching the crates registry and noticed that a Garmin dev appears to own 3 ant crates (ant, ant-usb, ant-plus) but has not published a proper version yet. Looking at the repos on github they appear empty as well.

Right now I just have the serial driver implemented (essentially ant-arduino) and its at 3k lines of code + tests (not including blank or comment lines). Once I finish up some bugs and pass my companies internal release process for internal project I would like to publish to the crates registry. I was hoping Harrison would be open to transferring the crate names to me so we reduce the empty crate pollution in rust rather than me releasing under a suffix such as ant-rs. I might be able to share the code privately with you early if you wish to view it but it would be under the context of all rights reserved until my release is complete. Let me know if there is anything Garmin would like me to do to help with this release. Thanks      

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Did you ever make progress on Rust ANT+ crates?
Looking in Google and Github all I find is empty crates (probably squatters).
Looks like this is a known issue with the rust process