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magene bycicle ant reading


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May i monitor with ANT+ (USB DONGLE) about 210 magene (https://www.magenefitness.com/product_speedSensors.html)
installed in a factory ?
I want to monitor AXIS of a lot of machines in a factory.
If yes, is there WINDOWS API or ONLY ANDROID ?
I need only to know the speed of all 210 magene

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This would not be a recommended use case for such a sensor and you will face lots of issues not encountered in typical use cases.

However, you may still wish to experiment with ANT or the following would help others who may be interested in a use case that matches typical ANT+ use cases (such as a bunch of bikes in a gym).

You may need to sign up as an adopter to gain access to some or all of the following resources.

You will need to download the ANT PC SDK from https://www.thisisant.com/developer/resources/downloads/#software_tab under ANT LIBRARIES to understand how you can use ANT on a PC.

ANT AN Using the SimulANT+ Library for Simulating...
ANT AN Continuous Scanning Mode
ANT+ Device Profile - Bicycle Speed and Cadence      


Ian Haigh