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nrf24L01 and nrf52840


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I have been searching to see if these two can talk to each other via ANT and no luck finding an answer.
I have a rather large number of nrf24L01 with MSP430's and want to transition to the new nrf52 and the 840 in particular. Seems like a simple question that would be in the FAQs. thanks.      

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All ANT radios have the same basic functionality. For ANT+ profiles any radios will be compatible with each other and be able to follow the spec.

Outside of ANT+ you may run into issues. If you are using features that are new and not documented in "https://www.thisisant.com/resources/ant-message-protocol-and-usage/" section 9.4 or are documented as not supported for all radios there, then you will need to consider radios involved. Typically this has more to do with how SW is written than compatibility of radios with each other. Advanced burst support is the one that typically manifests as "these radio don't work as well together".      


Ian Haigh