Consumer FAQ
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Consumer FAQ

Where/What to Buy

  • Where can I find and purchase ANT+ enabled products?
    • Individual manufacturers produce ANT+ enabled products and sell them through their own sales channels.  Our ANT+ Product Directory provides general product and compatibility information, along with links to manufacturer’s web sites where you can locate further product information and purchasing details.

      While ANT Wireless does not make, manufacture or sell consumer products, we do supply the most efficient and reliable wireless technology to the world’s best-in-class manufacturers.  Together, we set the ANT+ connectivity standards you enjoy.

  • There are so many products in the category I am interested in.  What do you recommend?
    • We work with the world’s very best device manufacturers and app developers who bring leading solutions to the market and they are your experts for which product will best suit your needs and use case. 

      Please consult the device manufacturer or app provider directly.  The ANT+ Product Directory will link you directly to each product’s website.  We also encourage you to search online for various sources of product reviews and recommendations.

      The ANT+ certification program reviews the implementation of ANT+ technology to verify ANT+ compatibility.  We do not test usability or the overall quality of products, and do not issue product recommendations.