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I Cycle

“My ANT+ products have made it extremely easy to record and download my training data. I find it so rewarding to know I have been improving, and in what areas.”


Tara Kabatoff



Sports of Interest:

Road Cycling, Nordic and Alpine Skiing/Snowboarding


Amateur – UCI Masters

My Story:

Four years ago, I started feeling like my life needed a serious shift. Before jumping on my bike, my days included working, socializing and going to the gym. Although I felt like I was leading a relatively healthy lifestyle, I had this feeling that it was simply not enough.

Around the same time, I was introduced to cycling and never turned back. I had been involved with many sports in the past, but never felt so connected with any of them like I do with cycling. After my first year of learning the basics, I started racing and placed first overall for the year in my category. The second year was a bit disheartening as I was put into a category that I wasn’t physically, nor mentally ready for. Slowly, I started to lose interest and stopped attending races. At that time, I never kept track of data. I would simply follow others around and take in any advice I could get. At the end of the season, I was introduced to Leon Schepers, a fantastic cycling coach who basically helped me start from scratch. He introduced me to the world of data and the ANT+ devices that would help measure my performance.  

Over the past year, I have developed the habit of recording my training data every single day learning more about diet, recovery and all of the little mental and physical aspects to the sport that creep up in many different forms. With its ease in recording and downloading workout data (heart rate, speed, cadence), my ANT+ products have played a vital role in allowing me to track my progress. This provides both Leon and I the information needed in order to adjust my training regiment or plan a new routine. Since I’ve been recording data, I find myself constantly checking daily results or comparing my data from previous months. ANT+ makes this easy! I find it so rewarding to know I have been improving, and in what areas.


Four years ago, Tara Kabatoff found her passion in road cycling and has never looked back. Within two blocks of testing out her first bike, she knew cycling was her sport. It was love at first ride. While juggling her job as a marketing consultant, Tara invests the majority of her spare time into training, dedicating six days a week to being on her bike. Cycling has opened up incredible opportunities and has inspired life changing moments throughout her young cycling career. Tara believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle on all levels through activity, diet and a positive outlook on life. Tara recently joined Team MitoCanada as road cyclist, helping to raise awareness for Mitochondrial Disease.


  • Move up into a more advanced group in competitions
  • Finish on the podium in at least three races per season
  • Qualify for a world-level competition