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I Ride & Run

"Through the use of power measurement on my ANT+ device, I have developed a streamlined system that helps me reach my goals."


Kyle McLaughlin



Sports of Interest:

Triathlon, Trail Running, Cycling, Nordic and Alpine Skiing



My Story:

I have learned a lot about triathlon over the years. Like many beginners, I fumbled around with different training plans and repeatedly had to learn from my mistakes.

A major turning point for me occurred when my wife bought me my first ANT+ enabled watch. By fine tuning my workouts to specific heart rate zones while I trained, I was able to improve my speed and endurance as it allowed me to accurately measure my progress and aid in setting goals. 

As my finish times improved, I added more ANT+ devices to my training and racing routine. With the help of the GPS on my watch to monitor my pace in training and racing, I managed to improve my personal bests in both half and full marathon distances in each of the past three years. While using my ANT+ power meter on my bike synced to my ANT+ watch, I am able to get immediate wattage data in training. During races, I was also able to track and maintain a sustainable power output allowing me to have a better run once off the bike.

Through the use of power measurement on my ANT+ device, I have developed a streamlined system that has helped me achieve personal bests in road cycling time trials, ironman, half ironman and Xterra triathlons over the past year.

Whether it’s on the road or the trail, running, cycling, swimming or Nordic skiing, I know I have an advantage when I am using my ANT+ devices.


As an emergency physician, husband, father of two, and the co-founder of Team MitoCanada - an international group of athletes raising awareness through sport for Mitochondrial Disease and the charity MitoCanada - Kyle McLaughlin is constantly striving to achieve balance between work, home and sport.

As an athlete, Kyle has primarily focused on triathlon for the past six years qualifying for the World Championships in Xterra, Ironman 70.3 and Olympic distances. With a long resume of road and trail running races, McLaughlin continues to improve and looks forward to racing in more ultra running events in the future. McLaughlin is also an avid cyclist competing in both road and mountain races. Outside of sport, he enjoys spending time with his family and volunteering for his charity.


  • Continue competing in ultra running races including a 100km and 100 mile race this year.
  • Focus on off-road triathlons and the Xterra series
  • Break 2:50.00 in a marathon
  • Return to Ironman triathlons and compete in a World Championship