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Tech FAQ

Regulatory Testing

  • If I integrate an ANT RF module which already has worldwide regulatory approval into my product, does my product become exempt from any national (IC, FCC or EU) regulatory compliance testing?
    • No. The RF certified modules ease the burden for application and system developers with respect to RF and antenna design, and regulatory compliance testing, which allows for quicker time to the market. However, when they are used to build new products, those products will have to go through regulatory tests. You can find more details in the product datasheet for the relevant module.

  • I'm having trouble setting my device to modulated mode to enable an RF regulatory test. What should I do?
    • First check the datasheet to see if the ANT product has the feature to provide modulated mode. If this mode is not available, the easiest way to approximate a constant modulated mode is to set up a transmit only channel to broadcast at a fast rate (150~200Hz for AP1/AP2/C257x).

  • How can I set up my device for an RF regulatory test that requires a non-modulated mode?
    • The ANT module has a CW (Continue Wave) test mode, which puts the radio into non-modulated carrier mode using the given transmit power level and channel RF frequency.