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Tech FAQ

Licensing and Certification

  • What is the difference between certification testing and regulatory testing?
    • The ANT+ Certification Test is aimed to guarantee ANT+ interoperability. Performing the certification tests can assist developers in product design and quality assurance. The test specification is designed by the ANT+ management group. 

      The RF regulatory test is for RF compliant and RF immunity test, such as FCC, IC, CE, EMC, EMI, RF etc. The test specifications are designed by regulatory test labs which are certified by North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand etc. government communication committee.

  • If I use a 3rd party API to work with ANT+ sensors, do I need to become an ANT+ Adopter/Member?
    • Yes, as a minimum you should become an ANT+ adopter (no fee).

  • Can I create open source applications that work with ANT+?
    • Yes, you could. But your applications have to pass ANT+ Certification. Otherwise your application cannot reference or include ANT+ or ANT+ logo with respect to any products. Please contact the ANT+ group for more details.

  • I want to create a new type of sensor. Do I need to become an ANT+ member?
    • Yes. Only ANT+ members are eligible to request new ANT+ Device Profile development (subject to the terms and conditions of applicable agreements).

  • I am a software developer, looking to work with existing ANT+ sensors. Do I need to become an ANT+ member?
    • You need to become an ANT+ Adopter to work with the ANT+ documents and software.  You may also choose to become an  ANT+ Member for the enhanced technical and commercial benefits.