I have an old display device
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Tech FAQ

  • I have an old display device, is there anything I need to pay attention to when purchasing a new sensor?
    • Use the ANT+ directory to see if your display device has known compatibility issues.

      Each ANT+ sensor has a factory programed device number that is used to identify the sensor when connecting to a display product. With the growth of ANT+ eco-system, extended IDs were introduced to increase the device number space. This have been implemented on sensors by manufacturers since Oct 2011. All certified ANT+ display device designed after that time support the extended ID.  Display devices designed before that date may or may not be compatible with sensors using extended ID. This depends on the specific implementation details of the display involved, as well as the Device ID assigned to the sensor involved.

      For display devices with this issue, a warning message can be found on the display device's description. If your sensor has the ID printed on the housing, and it is greater than 65535, it has an extended ID