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Firmware Upgrade Over ANT Network (How do Firmware Upgrade of 100 Node)


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My use case is want to firmware upgrade of 100 device. How is it possible to send firmware upgrade file data to all 100 node same time using ANT Shared channel or other channel type?

Coordinator (1) is connected with 100 END Device(All Slave node Battery(low power) powered device.

Case 1: Coordinator Open Master Channel , All 100 Slave node open Slave channel Master will send data in broadcast message.
Limitation: Only 8 byte data send every channel period. How over come this limitation and reduce firmware upgrade time.

Let me know if any other way upgrade all 100 device firmware with short time duration and reliable.


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Hi Himansu,

Unfortunately there is not a standard for updating devices in parallel over ANT.

Firmware updates over ANT are usually done 1-1 using ANT-FS or another proprietary burst based procedure. Bursts enable faster transfers, and provide some basic retry functionality. ANT-FS adds further layers of retrying and error checking in a standard way. The Nordic SDK for the nRF52 provides an example bootloader implementation that uses ANT bursts to update the device. You would be able to build a custom implementation that iterates over all of your devices, but unfortunately bursts are 1-1. See "ANT AN Burst Transfers" for more information on bursting.



Ian Haigh