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Software Libraries


This page contains ANT Software product downloads for use with D52 ANT SoC Modules from Garmin Canada Inc.  Licensed packages are immediately available to download for evaluation use.  To license those software libraries for commercial use, you must obtain a commercial license key by following these steps:

  1. Download and sign the D52 Module Distribution Agreement and send it to Garmin Canada Inc. to obtain a Module Distribution Agreement Number.
    • The agreement and full instructions are available on the D52 Module Conditions of Use page.
    • Dynasatream Innovations will contact you directly with your Module Distribution Agreement Number.
  2. After receiving your Module Distribution Agreement Number, click on the Commercial License link for the desired software and fill out the form, including the Module Distribution Agreement Number.
  3. Garmin Canada will contact you directly to complete the commercial license key process and issue your commercial key(s).

A software / module compatibility matrix is shown in the table, below:

    Module Software Compatibility Matrix (series and models)
Software Library Description D52 ANT SoC Module Series Development Modules G.FIT Modules
S332 SoftDevice ANT and Bluetooth low energy technology SoftDevice licensed for evaluation or commercial use X X X X
ANT BLAZE Libraries ANT BLAZE connectionless mesh network technology, up to 500 nodes supported.  Runs on top of a SoftDevice, licensed for evaluation or commercial use.   X X  
G.FIT Libraries G.FIT ANT+/BLE features for fitness equipment.  Runs on top of a SoftDevice, licensed for evaluation or commercial use.     X X


Current Items Description Stack Download Commercial License Soft Device Update Version
ANT-BLAZE-PKG-V1.0.0.1 ANT BLAZE libraries and S332 SoftDevice Package Click here Click here 1.0.0
GFIT-Libraries-PKG-V3.02.00 G.FIT embedded library, S332 SoftDevice, G.FIT Network Processor evaluation binary, G.FIT Firmware Updater tools and OEM firmware images Click here Click here 3.02.00

* The above software is licensed under the ANT SoftDevice and Associated Software license from Dynastream Innovations Inc.  For general information on licensing the ANT stacks for nRF52 Series see the FAQ (basic user account login required).

SDK Downloads

Some of the above software libraries are supported by additional SDK components, which are provided under a different license.  SDK descriptions and downloads are available below.

Package Name Description Download Version
ANT BLAZE SDK ANT BLAZE reference code and development tools Click Here 1.0
ANT BLAZE Web Server Demo ANT BLAZE USB to Web Server Demo written in Go Click Here 1.0
G.FIT SDK G.FIT SDK, reference code and development tools Click Here 3.02.00

Library & SDK Documentation

Documentation for libraries and SDKs are provided below.

Document Description Download Version
ANT BLAZE Specification This document provides technical details around the functionality of ANT BLAZE. Click Here 1.1
ANT BLAZE Starter Guide This document describes how to get started with ANT BLAZE using components from the D52 Starter Kit (D52DK2) and Extender Kit (D52EXT1) together with the ANT BLAZE SDK and libraries to create a mesh network. Click Here 1.0
Please read the G.FIT user guide and manufacturing app note if you are using G.FIT as an SoC:
G.FIT User Guide and Specification This document covers the G.FIT serial interface and the G.FIT Network Processor, and working with the G.FIT Library to create custom applications for G.FIT Modules for fitness equipment use cases. Click Here 1.2
G.FIT and D52 Premium Module Manufacturing Considerations Manufacturing considerations application note for G.FIT and D52 Premium modules. Covers preloaded data (unique ANT ID and RSSI calibration data) and how to preserve it during manufacturing. See the D52 datasheet and the G.FIT datasheet for more information about those modules. Click Here 1.0

Previous SDK Versions

SDK versions below are version-matched to previous Library versions.

Package Name Description Download Version
G.FIT SDK G.FIT SDK, reference code and development tools Click Here 3.0.0



Previous Items Description Stack Download Soft Device Update Commercial License Version
GFIT-Libraries-PKG-V3.0.0 G.FIT embedded library, S332 SoftDevice, and G.FIT Network Processor evaluation binary Click here Click here 3.0.0

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