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This ANT USB stick from Garmin Canada has a miniature design (18.96 x 12.48 x 5.02 mm) that allows users to always leave the stick plugged in. 

ANTUSB-m also features many key enhancements to meet new requirements in demanding sports and wellness use cases. These new enhancements include fast burst data rate, encrypted data channel, up to 8 network keys and advanced search mechanism.   

The product has been certified to comply with radio regulation or standards covering global markets that include North America, Europe, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

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New ANT Enhancements:

  • Advanced burst up to 60 kbps (true data throughput)
  • Encrypted data channel
  • Up to 8 ANT network keys
  • High duty search and active search sharing
  • Event buffer and filter
  • NVM user space 

Improved User Experience

  • Up to 8 ANT channels
  • WHQL certified Windows driver for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (except for WIindows RT)
  • No driver installation is required on Mac OS X10 and above
  • ANT USB service available from for Android 3.1 and above 
  • Proximity search
  • Scanning mode – extremely low latency for asynchronous applications such as remote control

Advanced ANT features

  • High density node support – up to 300 nodes at 1 Hz Tx rate in same RF space
  • Frequency agility    
  • Low priority search – does not impact existing channels
  • Channel ID management – improve device pairing efficiency
  • Individual output power control per channel

Other Features

  • 78 selectable RF channel
  • 18.96 x 12.48 x 5.02 mm
  • Broadcast, acknowledged, or burst data transmissions
  • ANT channel combined message rate up to 190Hz (8byte data payload)
  • Minimum message rate per ANT channel 0.5Hz
  • Burst transfer rate up to 20Kbps (true data throughput)
  •  - 10°C to +50°C operating temperature
  • Type A USB connector
  • ANT library files for applications development
  • Radio regulatory approval for major markets
  • RoHS compliant


Windows XP and above (Except for Windows RT)

The Windows driver has been WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) certified and listed on windows updates. This allows the automatic driver installation, when the computer is connected to the internet, without special configuration or UAC (User Account Control) prompts.

The driver is also available for application developers and experienced users in the Tech Resources section. 

Mac OS X10 and above

ANTUSB-m is designed to work with Apple’s I/O Kit framework.  No additional driver installation is required on Mac OS X machines.

Android 3.1 and above

The ANT USB Service and ANT Radio Service are freely available from The Android phone or tablet needs to support USB host feature, and for some, an USB socket converter or an USB OTG (On-The-Go) cable is required.

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Files and software tools listed below are directly associated with this component. For more resources, please click here.

Title Date Modified Version File Size
ANTUSB-m Datasheet Jan 28, 2022 1.8 590 KB
ANT USB Driver - Windows Oct 03, 2012 281 KB
ANT Message Protocol and Usage Apr 02, 2014 5.1 4 MB
ANTware II Nov 12, 2013 4.1.00 1 MB
ANTware II Users Guide Oct 09, 2013 1.2 1 MB