N5 ANT SoC Module Series (NRND)
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N5 ANT SoC Module Series (NRND)


Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF51422 SoC, the N5 ANT SoC module series offers support for both ANT® and Bluetooth® low energy and enables both protocols to run concurrently.

The N5 ANT SoC module series starts with the M8 type in a 14.0mm x 9.8mm x 2.0mm LGA (Land Array Grid) package. A compact design meeting market requirements for small, light and wearable, the N5 module is a turnkey system hardware solution including antenna, onboard 32k and 16M crystal clocks, DC-DC converter and 24 GPIOs with 6 analogue inputs.

N5 modules are pre-programmed with the following software components:

  • S210 SoftDevice (scalable ANT protocol stack with maximum 15 channels)
  • ANT network processor application
  • ANT-WP (Wireless Programming) bootloader

SoftDevices are protocol stack solutions from Nordic Semiconductor for the nRF51 SoCs. There are multiple SoftDevice choices available from the Nordic Semiconductor web site. The ANT network processor application offers the standard ANT serial interface front-end that is connectable to an external application controller. The ANT-WP bootloader allows over-the-air updates of any software components on the N5 module.

The N5 module pre-programmed image can be easily replaced via the onboard SWD interface pins using off-the-shelf ARM programming tools or over the air using the pre-loaded ANT-WP bootloader.

Pin compatible options for the 20mm x 20mm AP2 or C7 modules from Dynastream are also available. In these options, N5 M8 models are soldered on carrier boards that are pin compatible to the previous modules. Current AP2 or C7 module customers can easily use these models to evaluate the hardware and upgrade their final products. 

The N5 module series, if loaded with ANT and/or BLUETOOTH low energy stack, has been certified to comply with radio regulation or standards covering major markets include North America, Europe, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The N5 ANT SoC modules series has also been qualified by the BLUETOOTH SIG.

The N5 ANT SoC Module Starter Kit, sold via the same distribution channels, is ideal for out-of-the box evaluation and development.

N5 ANT SoC Module Series is not recommended for new designs. For new designs, we recommend our D52 ANT SoC Module Series. Click here for more information. 

Module Hardware

  • Integrated PCB meander antenna
  • Onboard 32kHz and 16MHz crystal clocks
  • 1.8V to 3.6V supply voltage range
  • DC-DC converter
  • Operating temperature
    -25°C to +75°C (N5150 and N548)
    -40°C to +85°C (N550)
  • 24 GPIOs (LGA package)
  • Programmable output per channel from –20dBm up to +4dBm
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity -90dBm
  • 1dBm resolution RSSI
  • Total 256kB embedded flash memory and 16kB RAM
  • SPI, I2C and UART interface
  • ARM SWD interface
  • 14.0x9.8x2.0mm (LGA package)
  • Drop-in compatible package with AP2/C7 modules
  • Radio regulatory approvals for major markets including United States, Canada, European Economic Area, Great Britain, Japan, Australia and New Zealand
  • BLUETOOTH SIG qualification
  • RoHS compliant

ANT Operation (when loaded with S210 or S310 SoftDevice)

  • 79 selectable RF channels (2402 to 2480 MHz)
  • Simple to complex network topologies: peer-to-peer, star, tree,  star-to-star and more
  • Broadcast, acknowledged, and burst data communication modes
  • Supports up to 15 logical channels each with configurable channel periods (5.2ms – 2s)
  • Built-in device search and pairing
  • Built-in interference handling and radio coexistence management with application radio disable requests and application flash write/erase requests
  • Enhanced ANT features
    • Advanced burst data transfer modes (up to 60kbps)
    • Optional channel encryption mode (AES-128)
    • Supports up to 8 public, private and/or managed networks
    • Advanced power management features to optimize application power consumption including Event Filtering and Selective data updates
    • Asynchronous transmit channel
    • Fast channel initiation

BLUETOOTH low energy peripheral Operation (when loaded with S110, S120, S130 or S310 SoftDevice)

  • BLUETOOTH 4.2 compliant low energy protocol stack
    • Link Layer
    • L2CAP,ATT, and SM protocols
    • GATT,GAP, and L2CAP
    • Peripheral and Central roles
    • GATT Client and Server
    • Full SMP support including MITM protection and OOB pairing
  Part Number Size (mm) Connection Chip RAM Size Preloaded Software
SoftDevice ANT-NP ANT-WP




14.0x9.8x2.0 LGA package,
31 pads, 24 GPIOs.
nRF51422-CFAC, V3 32K S210 V5.0.0 BAW4.00B00 BFD2.00B00


(Not suitable for
new designs)

nRF51422-CEAA, V3 16K
nRF51422-CEAA, V2 16K S210 V4.0.1 BAW3.00B00 BFD1.00B00



20.0x20.0 17 pins, SMT mount,
13 GPIOs
nRF51422-CFAC, V3 32K S210 V5.0.0 BAW4.00B00 BFD2.00B00


(Not suitable for

new designs)

nRF51422-CEAA, V3 16K
nRF51422-CEAA, V2 16K S210 V4.0.1 BAW3.00B00 BFD1.00B00



20.0x20.0 20 pin Molex connector.
Onboard JTAG programming
connector. 13 GPIOs
nRF51422-CFAC, V3 32K S210 V5.0.0 BAW4.00B00 BFD2.00B00


nRF51422-CEAA, V2 16K S210 V4.0.1 BAW3.00B00 BFD1.00B00


  • N548 modules have been discontinued and any current use of N548 is recommended to transition to N550 modules. Please refer to the product change notice.
  • N548 rev A modules are loaded with S210 V3.0.0 adn BAW2.02B00 ANT-NP code.


N5 ANT SoC Module Starter Kit contains all the pieces you need to start evaluation and development using the module and/or nRF51422 with freely available manuals and reference code from Dynastream Innovations and  all the supporting documents and software by Nordic Semiconductor.

The starter kit contains the following hardware pieces. Most of the parts are orderable individually if users need to create a more complex network. *Note: this product is not suitable for new designs*

  Order Number Quantity Part Description
N5150M5CD (Not Suitable for New Designs) 2 Module with 20-pin Molex connector
ANTBAT2 1 Battery board with a Molex socket,  a reset button and a five-position dip switch
ANTIO1 1 I/O board with a Molex connector, a Molex socket, 4 LEDs and 4 buttons
ANTUIF1 1 USB Interface Board with a Molex socket
  1 Segger J-Link Lite Programmer


  • Starter kits before the release of N5150M5CD contain N548M5CB instead.


The N5 module keeps improving on features and performance. Product model and version is  marked on each module as described in the datasheet.

The N548 Module Versions 

N548 module rev A and B are differentiated by the pre-loaded software components. 

Module Version S210 SoftDevice ANT-WP Bootloader ANT Network Processor Code
N550 and N5150 V5.0.0 (AXX5.00B00) BFD2.00B00 BAW4.00B00
N548 rev B V4.0.1 (AXX4.00B00) BFD1.00B00 BAW3.00B00
N548 rev A v3.0.0 (AXX3.02B00) None BAW2.02B00

Key functional changes in N550 and N5150

  • For S210 SoftDevice upgrade details, please refer to S210 v5.0.0 release note in the SoftDevice package.
  • For important details on upgrading the SoftDevice via ANT-WP Bootloader from v4.0.1 to v5.0.0, please refer to the S210 v5.0.0 migration document in the SoftDevice package.
  • ANT Network processor code BAW4.00B00 provides support for configuring the DC/DC converter.

Key functional enhancements in N548 rev B

  • For S210 SoftDevice upgrade details, please refer to S210 v4.01 release note in the SoftDevice package by Nordic Semiconductor.   
  • The ANT-WP bootloader code, when activated, provides over-the-air firmware update capability using ANT File Share (ANT-FS) technology.
  • ANT Network processor code BAW3.00B00 assigned a previously unused Pin to the new BOOT function. The intent of BOOT function is to assist in updating/replacing the default images on the N548 modules using the ANT-WP bootloader without requiring host microcontroller intervention.
  • The ANT network process application BAW3.00B00 changes the serial interface behaviour.
    1. For synchronous Serial Interface: the SPI rate has been changed from 4MHz to 500kHz when SPD_SEL (BR3) is low and SPI rate from 500kHz to 4MHz when the pin is high. This change makes it be compatible with AP2/C7 modules.
    2.  Asynchronous Serial Interface: the RTS now toggles at the end of each message received to indicate message processing

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Besides the downloadables on this page, the following documents and software are available on the nRF51422 product page of Nordic Semiconductor.  

  1. nRF51422 Product Specification, Nordic Semiconductor
  2. nRF51422 Specification for Industrial Temperature Range, Nordic Semiconductor
  3. nRF51 Series Compatibility Matrix, Nordic Semiconductor
  4. nRF51422 Product Anomaly Notification (PAN-nRF51422), Nordic Semiconductor
  5. nRF51 Series Reference Manual, Nordic Semiconductor
  6. nRF51422 S210 SoftDevice Specification, Nordic Semiconductor
  7. nRF51422 S310 SoftDevice Specification, Nordic Semiconductor
  8. nRF51822 S110 SoftDevice Specification
  9. nRF51822 S120 SoftDevice Specification
  10. S130 nRF51822 SoftDevice Specification
  11. nRF51422 Evaluation Kit - Developing with the MDK-ARM Microcontroller Development Kit, Nordic Semiconductor
  1. S210 nRF51422 SoftDevice, Nordic Semiconductor
  2. S310 nRF51422 SoftDevice, Nordic Semiconductor
  3. S110 nRF51822 SoftDevice, Nordic Semiconductor
  4. S120 nRF51822 SoftDevice, Nordic Semiconductor
  5. S130 nRF51822 SoftDevice, Nordic Semiconductor
Title Date Modified Version File Size
N5 ANT SoC Module Series Datasheet Feb 01, 2022 2.2 1 MB
Product Change Notice - Last Time Buy of N548 and Transition to N550 Jul 31, 2015 1.0 386 KB
N5 Starter Kit ANT IO Demo Mar 27, 2014 1.0 345 KB
N5 Module M8 Type Altium Library Apr 11, 2014 1.0 7 KB
N5 module STEP model Apr 25, 2014 1.0 775 KB
ANTware II Nov 12, 2013 4.1.00 1 MB
ObservANT Feb 23, 2016 1.1 752 KB
Interpreting RF Radiation Patterns Sep 23, 2014 1.0 1 MB
ANT AN Over the Air Firmware Updates using ANT-FS Dec 12, 2014 1.0 457 KB
ANT Message Protocol and Usage Apr 02, 2014 5.1 4 MB
ANT-FS Technical Specification Sep 23, 2012 2.2 1 MB
Interfacing with ANT General Purpose Chipsets and Modules Dec 03, 2010 2.1 443 KB
ANT USB Interface Board Driver - Windows Oct 03, 2012 156 KB
Product Change Notice - N548 Rev B Feb 04, 2015 1.0 405 KB
Product Change Notice - N548 Rev B_Addendum Feb 09, 2015 1.0 427 KB
N5 Series DoC May 09, 2018 1.0 64 KB

1. Initial Setup

2. Channel Data

3. Battery Information