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Licensing Reminder

ANT+ iconAll items marked with the ANT+ logo are subject to the Adopter agreement. There is no charge to sign up as an ANT+ Adopter.

ANT+ iconSoftware marked with an ANT+ logo is covered by the ANT+ Shared Source License. Please check this for all details and conditions (for example, do not publish the ANT+ Network Key and do not use the ANT+ Network Key or ANT+ Frequency for non-ANT+ devices), however in general you are free to use the reference code within your commercial ANT+ products.

Openly available software posted below comes with the Apache 2.0 license or the FIT software license. We’d like you to use the code, recognizing the value of maintaining interoperability.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: take a look at the Licensing page.

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ANT Libraries


Software Prerequisites

If you are working with ANT software always refer to the readme files and software manuals to determine any software prerequisites and the procedure for opening a project for the first time. If no readme file exists then refer to the tooltip.  Links to some software items are provided for your convenience, however please note that these are not supported by us.

.Net Framework

Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package

Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2010 - Framework

Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2010 - Express Version

Code Composer Studio

ANT+ Embedded
Reference Designs

Member Early Release

ANT+ Alliance Members
& Adopters only

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