D52 ANT SoC Module Series
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D52 ANT SoC Module Series


Cutting edge Nordic Semiconductor SoC enables dual protocol capabilities to fast track time-to-market in sport & fitness and broader IoT applications.

The D52 ANT SoC Module series offers complete 2.4GHz RF solutions, allowing developers to achieve faster time-to-market for applications in wearable technology, sport and fitness monitoring, commercial and home IoT, battery powered sensors, high node count networks and more. Based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52832 SoC, D52 modules offer dual protocol ANT and Bluetooth® low energy technology support concurrently.

Modules include a form factor suitable for wearable applications, a development platform, and a module with an onboard accelerometer, opening the door to more application opportunities.

IoT Applications – ANT BLAZE™

ANT BLAZE is a connectionless mesh-style network technology for commercial and industrial high node count IoT monitoring and control applications in challenging environments, and runs exclusively on D52 ANT SoC Premium modules:

  • Robust ANT BLAZE networks of up to 500 nodes are self-forming and self-healing, providing ease of installation and maintenance when run either with or without a cloud connection.
  • Reliable and enterprise-ready, ANT BLAZE acts as its own independent communications ‘backbone’, coexisting cleanly with on-premises IT infrastructures.
  • ANT BLAZE runs on Dual-Protocol D52 ANT SoC Premium Modules; Developers can deploy ANT BLAZE networks that can be concurrently commissioned and accessed from tablets and phones using Bluetooth.

Learn More Product Brief (PDF) Download ANT BLAZE

D52 Module Categories

The D52 ANT SoC Module series is separated into two categories:

  • The general purpose category provides the most cost effective module solution for ANT and ANT+ applications.
  • The premium category adds the capability to run licensed IoT technologies such as ANT BLAZE.
Category General Purpose Premium
ANT Technologies and Applications ANT+, ANT ANT BLAZE, ANT+, ANT
Bluetooth® low energy technology support Central and Peripheral Central and Peripheral


Find a Distributor Manufacturer's Page Download Product Brief

Module hardware

  • Integrated printed antenna
  • On-board 32MHz and 20ppm 32.768 kHz crystal clocks
  • Supply Voltage range:
    1.7V to 3.6V (D52QD2M4IA, D52MD2M8IA, D52QPMM4IA, D52MPMM8IA)
    1.71V to 3.6V (D52QD2M4IA-A, D52QPMM4IA-A)
  • Operating temperature:  Industrial (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Up to 30 GPIOs (D52QD2M4IA, D52QPMM4IA)
  • Up to 24 GPIOs (D52QD2M4IA-A, D52MD2M8IA, D52QPMM4IA-A, D52MPMM8IA)
  •  Programmable output/channel from -20dBm to 4dBm
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity
    –93dBm ANT mode
    –96dBm BLE mode
  • 1dBm resolution RSSI
  • Total 512kB flash, 64kB RAM
  • SPI, I2C and UART interface
  • ARM SWD interface
  • Internal DC/DC converter supported
  • 20 x 20mm module (D52QD2M4IA, D52QD2M4IA-A, D52QPMM4IA, D52QPMM4IA-A)
  • 14 x 9.8 x 2.0mm module (D52MD2M8IA, D52MPMM8IA)
  • Onboard 3-axis MEMS accelerometer (D52QD2M4IA-A, D52QPMM4IA-A)
    LIS2DH by ST Microelectronics
    2 programmable interrupt pins
  • Layout compatible options with N5 M4, AP2, C7
  • Radio regulatory approval for major markets including North America, Europe, Australia / New Zealand, Japan and Korea
  • BLUETOOTH SIG qualification
  • RoHS compliant

ANT Operation (when loaded with S212 or S332 SoftDevice)

  • 79 selectable RF channels (2402 to 2480 MHz)
  • Flexible network topologies:  peer-to-peer, star, tree, high node count, mesh and more
  • Broadcast, acknowledged, and burst data communication modes
  • Built-in device search and pairing
  • Built-in interference handling and radio coexistence management with application radio disable requests and application flash write/erase requests
  • Enhanced ANT features:
    • Supports up to 15 logical channels each with configurable channel periods (5.2ms - 2s)
    • Advanced burst data transfer modes (up to 60kbps)
    • Optional channel encryption mode (aes-128)
    • Supports up to 8 public, private and/or managed networks
    • Advanced power management features to optimize application power consumption including Event Filtering and Selective Data Updates
    • Asynchronous transmit channel
    • Fast channel initiation

Bluetooth Operation (when loaded with the S132 or S332 SoftDevice)

  • Bluetooth 4.2 compliant low energy single-mode protocol stack suitable for Bluetooth low energy products
    • Concurrent Central, Observer, Peripheral, and Broadcaster roles with up to:
      • Multiple connections as a central
      • One connection as a peripheral
      • Observer
      • Broadcaster
    • Link layer
    • L2CAP, ATT, and SM protocols
    • GATT and GAP APIs
    • GATT Client and Server
Picture Module Description Ordering/Package Information Part Status*
D52QD2M4IA 20x20mm module with up to 30GPIOs and 8 analog inputs
  • D52QD2M4IA-TRAY: 20pc in 4x5 tray
  • D52QD2M4IA-REEL: 800pc on 13" tape and reel
D52QPMM4IA Premium module; additional support for advanced ANT libraries (e.g., ANT BLAZE™)
  • D52QPMM4IA-TRAY: 20pc in 4x5 tray
  • D52QPMM4IA-REEL: 800pc on 13" tape and reel
D52QD2M4IA-A 20x20mm module with up to 24GPIOs and 5 analog inputs; onboard 3-axis MEMS accelerometer
  • D52QD2M4IA-A-TRAY: 20pc in 4x5 tray
  • D52QD2M4IA-A-REEL: 800pc on 13" tape and reel
D52QPMM4IA-A Premium module; additional support for advanced ANT libraries (e.g., ANT BLAZE™)
  • D52QPMM4IA-A-TRAY: 20pc in 4x5 tray
  • D52QPMM4IA-A-REEL: 800pc on 13" tape and reel
D52MD2M8IA 14.0x9.8x2.0mm module with up to 24GPIOs and 8 analog inputs
  • D52MD2M8IA-TRAY:  40pc in 8x5 tray
  • D52MD2M8IA-REEL: 1500pc on 13" tape and reel
D52MPMM8IA Premium module; additional support for advanced ANT libraries (e.g., ANT BLAZE™)
  • D52MPMM8IA-TRAY: 20pc in 4x5 tray
  • D52MPMM8IA-REEL: 800pc on 13" tape and reel
D52QSKM6IA-A D52Q module mounted on a carrier board for starter kit and development use with all ANT software libraries and applications, including ANT BLAZE™ and G.FIT™
  • D52QSKM6IA-A-TRAY: 10 pc on 150x165mm tray

* PREVIEW - Device, tool, or software has been announced but is not in production. Samples may or may not be available; ACTIVE: Device, tool, or software recommended for new designs.

Development with the D52 ANT SoC Module Series is supported by a starter kit (D52DK2) and an extender kit (D52EXT1), which is designed to work with the starter kit.  Most components in both kits are also available for sale individually from distributors.

D52DK2 - D52 ANT SoC Module Series Starter Kit

The D52 starter kit (D52DK2) contains all the hardware necessary to get developing with ANT or Bluetooth® low energy technology, and the downloadable ANT SoC Module Starter Kit User Manual has full details on using the kit with reference examples and the nRF5 SDK from Nordic Semiconductor. 

The kit contents are described below:

Module Part Number Quantity Part Description
D52QSKM6IA-A 2 M4 module mounted on carrier board with 20-pin Molex connector, NFC connections available, SWD programming header, additional through-hole connections for I/O pins
ANTBAT2 2 CR2032 battery board with a Molex socket, a reset button, and a five-position dip switch
ANTIO1 2 I/O board with a Molex connector, a Molex socket, 4 LEDs and 4 buttons
ANTUIF1 1 USB interface board with a Molex socket
  1 Segger J-Link Lite Programmer

D52EXT1 - D52 ANT SoC Module Series Extender Kit

The D52 extender kit (D52EXT1) builds on the D52 starter kit to provide extra nodes and more power for IoT developers and platforms, including ANT BLAZE™.  The introduction of this kit also coincides with the availability of the ANTBAT3 combination I/O and battery board.  Powered by 2 AA batteries, the development board enables longer testing and development and includes buttons and LEDs for testing input and interaction.  A D52 starter kit is recommended for use with the extender kit, as the starter kit includes the tools necessary to program and monitor development nodes.

The contents of the extender kit are described, below:

Module Part Number Quantity Part Description
D52QSKM6IA-A 4 M4 module mounted on carrier board with 20-pin Molex connector, NFC connections available, SWD programming header, additional through-hole connections for I/O pins
ANTBAT3 4 Combined battery and I/O board with a Molex socket, a reset button, I/O buttons, LEDs and dip switches powered by two AA batteries


Please refer to Dynastream Innovations or Nordic Semiconductor for licensing information about SoftDevices and associated software.


The D52 ANT SoC Module Series supports ANT and Bluetooth® low energy technology on the nRF52832 SoC using SoftDevices, pre-compiled protocol stack binaries.  The following SoftDevices are available:

From Dynastream Innovations From Nordic Semiconductor
  • S212 – ANT only
  • S332 – concurrent ANT and Bluetooth
  • S132 – Bluetooth only SoftDevice from
Download from Dynastream Download from Nordic

ANT BLAZE™ Software

ANT BLAZE (a connectionless mesh-like network technology) is available to application developers as End-Node and Gateway software libraries compatible with D52 ANT SoC Premium modules, and is supported by an SDK complete with reference examples and analysis tools. ANT BLAZE Libraries are available in a download package with a license for evaluation use. A commercial license is required for using ANT BLAZE in a commercial product.

ANT BLAZE Download Page

D52 ANT SoC Module Series Conditions of use:

The D52 Series of modules have been designed to support the ANT and/or Bluetooth low energy Protocols and are certified for use in many geographic regions around the globe. However, a product incorporating the D52 series module may carry the certification IDs of the module only if it complies with the restrictions and terms, including use of Dynastream-approved software, provided in the conditions of use available at:


Discuss this product at the ANT Hardware Products Forum.

In addition to the downloadable resources below, the following documents and resources are available from Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52832 product page, or from the Nordic Semiconductor Infocenter.


  1. nRF52832 Product Specification
  2. nRF52 Series Compatibility Matrix
  3. nRF52832 Objective Product Specification
  4. nRF52832 S132 SoftDevice Specification
  5. nRF52 Development Kit Documentation


  1. S132 nRF52832 SoftDevice
  2. nRF5 SDK
Title Date Modified Version File Size
D52 ANT SoC Module Series Datasheet Nov 01, 2017 2.3 3 MB
ANT SoC Module Starter Kit User Manual Aug 03, 2016 1.0 1 MB
D52Q Module M4 Altium Library Mar 15, 2017 8 KB
D52Q Module M4 STEP Model Mar 15, 2017 351 KB
D52M Module M8 Altium Library Mar 15, 2017 8 KB
D52M Module M8 STEP Model Mar 15, 2017 96 KB
ANT Message Protocol and Usage Apr 02, 2014 5.1 4 MB
ANTware II Nov 12, 2013 4.1.00 1 MB
ObservANT Feb 23, 2016 1.1 752 KB
Interpreting RF Radiation Patterns Sep 23, 2014 1.0 1 MB
Interfacing with ANT General Purpose Chipsets and Modules Dec 03, 2010 2.1 443 KB
ANT USB Interface Board Driver - Windows Oct 03, 2012 156 KB
ANT Technical Note - Migrating an ANT nRF51 Project to nRF52 Oct 16, 2015 1.1 354 KB
D52 Series DoC May 09, 2018 1.0 120 KB

1. Initial Setup

2. Channel Data

3. Battery Information

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