Certification FAQ
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Certification FAQ

Mobile Test

  • I have certified my mobile device, but we are planning to upgrade the Android OS. What is required in this situation?
    • For an OS upgrade, we recommend the stand alone 1000 packet slave burst test for self validation.  An Android version update should have no direct impact on ANT performance.  If the phone passes the simple regression test, there is no need to recertify the phone model.

  • My product is a watch running Android with one pre-installed ANT+ app, and it also supports third party apps. What do I need to do to get ANT+ certified?
    • In this case, the ANT+ product certification process will contain two technical sections: 

      1) The ANT+ mobile platform test for the watch. This is mandatory in order to support third party apps.

      2) ANT+ device profile test for the preinstalled ANT+ app.

      How you apply for the app depends on the business case.  If the pre-installed app will only be available on this watch, then you can certify it as an integrated part of the watch (a separate application will not be needed). 

      However, if it will be available as an independent app, then you must submit a software certification application to certify it separately as it is considered a separate product.

  • In what situations is a product sample not required?
    • At this time we do not require samples for the following product types:
      1. Mobile platforms (i.e. smart phone, tablet etc). These products typically only require the review of the ANT communication so the test tool report is sufficient
      2. Software apps (mobile app or other software which is downloadable and upgradable online).  These typically do not require samples because these types of products can be easily corrected in the field.