Certification FAQ
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Certification FAQ


  • My product supports a newly released ANT+ device profile, which is not yet included in the self-verification tool. What do I do?
    • In such cases the self verification reports will be waived, and you will be required to provide a hardware product sample or a copy of your software for testing.

  • In what situations is a product sample not required?
    • At this time we do not require samples for the following product types:
      1. Mobile platforms (i.e. smart phone, tablet etc). These products typically only require the review of the ANT communication so the test tool report is sufficient
      2. Software apps (mobile app or other software which is downloadable and upgradable online).  These typically do not require samples because these types of products can be easily corrected in the field.

  • Why do you require a product sample if I have submitted an all-passed self-verification test report?
    • The ANT+ self-verification test tool may not cover all the testing cases required for a given ANT+ device profile, so a physical product sample is required for testing.

  • In what situation can I request remote testing?
    • Remote testing is available on request under the following circumstances:
      • your product is large, heavy and expensive to  ship (i.e. fitness equipment)
      • your product is expensive to export (i.e. high value products)
      • you have another situation that  inhibits the shipment of a sample

      The remote certification test involves a video conference call in which your engineers will conduct the testing under the direction of an ANT+ test engineer. Data is recorded and collected for assessment (you will not be given results during the call – this will be provided at a later date in a certification report). 

      Additional charges apply for this type of testing.