Certification FAQ
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Certification FAQ

Brand Review

  • Why is a brand review included as part of the certification process?
    • Consistent ANT+ branding assists consumers in determining the compatibility of branded products and apps.  The Brand review ensures that minimum brand standards are met by all certified products to build brand awareness and consumer confidence in products displaying the ANT+ brand. This adds solid value to your own brand and products.

  • Where can I find the certification brand requirements and official logo files?
  • What does ANT+ Capable mean?
    • A product is ANT+ Capable if it requires software downloads to enable ANT+ functionality (i.e. a mobile device sold without any pre-installed ANT+ apps).  A separate logo and statement are available for these products.  Please refer to the ANT Wireless Brand Guide for details.

  • What is the ANT+ LINK HERE logo for?
    • This logo is used on a big ANT+ product, e.g. fitness equipment, to assist consumers in proximity pairing by indicating the best spot to bring close external devices, e.g. ANT+ heart rate monitors or ANT+ watches. The ANT+ LINK HERE logo files and brand guide are available on request.

  • Where can I find the device profile icons?
    • These are available on request. 

  • The device profile icons are too large for my UI.  Do I need to use them?
    • ANT+ Device profile icons are a great way to convey compatibility and recommended for use where it works for you.  These are a great addition to sensor pairing screens and other associated collateral.  However, they not a requirement for use.   Brand requirements for certified products are outlined in the ANT Wireless Brand Guide, available for download in the ANT+ Brand Tools package at https://www.thisisant.com/developer/ant-plus/certification/#115_tab

  • We are planning a product announcement and would like to reference ANT+ compatibility in our release. Is this allowed?
    • You may use the ANT+ word mark, logos, or device profile icons in early product announcements and associated collateral upon request and approval only.

  • Some of our vendors are ANT+ members, if they certify the products we purchase, is this all we will need?
    • ANT+ product certification consists of two parts: a technical test/review and a brand review. If you purchase any ANT+ certified product, such as a sensor or display device, from a vendor or third party manufacturer and re-brand it with your own logo or otherwise represent it as your own product, then your company is required to go through the type 2 certification for cosmetic change at a reduced cost. This provides you with approval to use the ANT+ logo or wordmark on the product or claim compatibility in any associated collateral, as well as a listing in the ANT+ Product Directory.