Certification FAQ
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Certification FAQ

Profile Test

  • My product supports many ANT+ device profiles, and the certification fee is fairly high. Can I only certify some of the profiles?
    • No.  For authorization to apply ANT+ brands, logos or wordmarks to any product  or claim ANT+ compatibility in any way,  all implemented profiles must be certified. 

      It is true that for hardware products, the more profiles implemented, the higher the certification charge, because the actual testing will be conducted. To ease the concern on the rising certification fees, there is a cap set below $4000 for ANT+ alliance members and $8000 for adopters.

      For phone apps and consumer downloadable software products, the certification fee remains the same regardless how many profiles are implemented.

  • My product supports a newly released ANT+ device profile, which is not yet included in the self-verification tool. What do I do?
    • In such cases the self verification reports will be waived, and you will be required to provide a hardware product sample or a copy of your software for testing.

  • Our product has been certified at an earlier date, and we plan to add new ANT+ device profiles support in an upcoming software/firmware upgrade. What do I need to do to update my ANT+ directory listing?
    • Apply for a Type 2 certification for the new profiles added to your product.  Only the new, uncertified profiles will require testing.  Your directory listing will be updated upon successful completion.

  • Why do you require a product sample if I have submitted an all-passed self-verification test report?
    • The ANT+ self-verification test tool may not cover all the testing cases required for a given ANT+ device profile, so a physical product sample is required for testing.