Certification FAQ
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Certification FAQ


  • Do I have to be a member to certify product?
  • Why is a brand review included as part of the certification process?
    • Consistent ANT+ branding assists consumers in determining the compatibility of branded products and apps.  The Brand review ensures that minimum brand standards are met by all certified products to build brand awareness and consumer confidence in products displaying the ANT+ brand. This adds solid value to your own brand and products.

  • What does ANT+ Capable mean?
    • A product is ANT+ Capable if it requires software downloads to enable ANT+ functionality (i.e. a mobile device sold without any pre-installed ANT+ apps).  A separate logo and statement are available for these products.  Please refer to the ANT Wireless Brand Guide for details.

  • What is the ANT+ LINK HERE logo for?
    • This logo is used on a big ANT+ product, e.g. fitness equipment, to assist consumers in proximity pairing by indicating the best spot to bring close external devices, e.g. ANT+ heart rate monitors or ANT+ watches. The ANT+ LINK HERE logo files and brand guide are available on request.

  • We are planning a product announcement and would like to reference ANT+ compatibility in our release. Is this allowed?
    • You may use the ANT+ word mark, logos, or device profile icons in early product announcements and associated collateral upon request and approval only.

  • Can I list my product on both the consumer directory and B2B directory? Is there any extra charge to be listed on both?
    • Yes, a product may be listed on both directories if you can demonstrate that you are actively selling to both consumer and business audiences (i.e. you sell a product under your own brand and also as a white label product for others to rebrand; or you sell fitness equipment to both home and club markets). 

      There is no extra charge to list on both directories.

  • My company is developing and manufacturing a product for another company. Can we certify the product on their behalf? Who is considered the product owner? How are fees assessed when more than one company is involved?
    • Yes, you may always coordinate a certification application on behalf of a customer, as long as your company is an ANT+ Adopter. There are few different cases: 

      • Case 1:  Your customer hired your company to develop the product and they own the design.  In this case, your customer is considered the “Product Owner” -- the product will be listed in your customer’s name, and fees are charged based on your customer’s membership level.

      To apply on their behalf, list your company as the “applicant” on the application form, and your customer as the “product owner”.  You determine who is invoiced in the Billing section of the form.

      • Case 2:  Your company owns the design and this customer is one of many that will brand and sell the design.  Your company may sell  the product as  a “certified ANT+ design” by following the process below:
      1. Your company certifies the design under your company name.  Fees will be charged based on your membership level.  Once certified, the design will be listed in your name on the B2B Guide. This is great exposure to prospective customers for your design
      2. Any customers that purchase this product and rebrand as their own can then apply for a ‘Type 2’ certification (previously certified product with cosmetic changes only), for rights to claim ANT+ interoperability, use the ANT+ logo and word mark on their branded product and collateral, and have the product listed in their name on  the consumer product directory.   Fees will be charged based on their membership level.

  • My phone app uses the Android ANT+ Plug-in and I want to claim ANT+ compatibility on my Web-Page and app listing. Do I need to apply for certification?
    • Yes, even if you use the Android ANT+ Plug-in released by ANT Wireless, or any ANT+ certified API by third party , certification is required  for authorization to  use the ANT+ logo or claim ANT+ compatibility within your app, on associated product web pages, app store listings or any other marketing collateral. The cost to certify an app is $50 for ANT+ adopters and free for ANT+ members.

  • Some of our vendors are ANT+ members, if they certify the products we purchase, is this all we will need?
    • ANT+ product certification consists of two parts: a technical test/review and a brand review. If you purchase any ANT+ certified product, such as a sensor or display device, from a vendor or third party manufacturer and re-brand it with your own logo or otherwise represent it as your own product, then your company is required to go through the type 2 certification for cosmetic change at a reduced cost. This provides you with approval to use the ANT+ logo or wordmark on the product or claim compatibility in any associated collateral, as well as a listing in the ANT+ Product Directory.

  • My product consists of several items in one package (e.g. a bike speed sensor, a USB stick, a bike computer). Can I certify this as a bundle, or do I need to certify each piece individually?
    • Each piece that supports ANT+ in your bundle must be certified individually, and will be listed separately.  If the products are not sold separately, a notation on the listing may be added.

  • In what situations is a product sample not required?
    • At this time we do not require samples for the following product types:
      1. Mobile platforms (i.e. smart phone, tablet etc). These products typically only require the review of the ANT communication so the test tool report is sufficient
      2. Software apps (mobile app or other software which is downloadable and upgradable online).  These typically do not require samples because these types of products can be easily corrected in the field.

  • In what situation can I request remote testing?
    • Remote testing is available on request under the following circumstances:
      • your product is large, heavy and expensive to  ship (i.e. fitness equipment)
      • your product is expensive to export (i.e. high value products)
      • you have another situation that  inhibits the shipment of a sample

      The remote certification test involves a video conference call in which your engineers will conduct the testing under the direction of an ANT+ test engineer. Data is recorded and collected for assessment (you will not be given results during the call – this will be provided at a later date in a certification report). 

      Additional charges apply for this type of testing.

  • Where is ANT+ product certification conducted? Are there any local test labs worldwide?
    • At this time all ANT+ product certification testing is conducted by ANT Wireless engineers in our Head Office in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.

  • Is there any RF test required for ANT+ product certification? Does ANT+ product certification include regulatory RF compliance testing?
    • No, RF testing is not included in ANT+ product certification.

      We work with semiconductor venders when ICs are developed to ensure the physical layer, link layer and other lower layers of the ANT protocol are implemented properly. So there is no need to conduct RF test to pass ANT+ product certification.

      However, you will need to work with other test labs to ensure your product complying regional radio regulations of your target markets.