Certification FAQ
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Certification FAQ


  • My phone app uses the Android ANT+ Plug-in and I want to claim ANT+ compatibility on my Web-Page and app listing. Do I need to apply for certification?
    • Yes, even if you use the Android ANT+ Plug-in released by ANT Wireless, or any ANT+ certified API by third party , certification is required  for authorization to  use the ANT+ logo or claim ANT+ compatibility within your app, on associated product web pages, app store listings or any other marketing collateral. The cost to certify an app is $50 for ANT+ adopters and free for ANT+ members.

  • My phone app uses the Android ANT+ Plug-in. Since the ANT+ data is managed by the Plug-in, do I still need to provide the ANT+ device profile self-verification report?
    • Software certification requirements are the same regardless what Plug-in or API is used. A verification test report is required for each ANT+ device profile implemented. This allows us to confirm that the app displays the data properly in the UI.

  • My product is a watch running Android with one pre-installed ANT+ app, and it also supports third party apps. What do I need to do to get ANT+ certified?
    • In this case, the ANT+ product certification process will contain two technical sections: 

      1) The ANT+ mobile platform test for the watch. This is mandatory in order to support third party apps.

      2) ANT+ device profile test for the preinstalled ANT+ app.

      How you apply for the app depends on the business case.  If the pre-installed app will only be available on this watch, then you can certify it as an integrated part of the watch (a separate application will not be needed). 

      However, if it will be available as an independent app, then you must submit a software certification application to certify it separately as it is considered a separate product.

  • In what situations is a product sample not required?
    • At this time we do not require samples for the following product types:
      1. Mobile platforms (i.e. smart phone, tablet etc). These products typically only require the review of the ANT communication so the test tool report is sufficient
      2. Software apps (mobile app or other software which is downloadable and upgradable online).  These typically do not require samples because these types of products can be easily corrected in the field.